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MISSING YOU: The Best of Craigslist Missed Connections (New feature!)

Craigslist is a guilty pleasure. And perhaps even more than I love trolling around for vintage furniture (though I get enraged when people describe something wrong) I love the sometimes endearing, mostly skanky missed connections.

(*If you haven’t used the internet in the past 5-10 years, let me explain: Missed Connections is a section of craigslist where people who saw someone cute in a public place can go to make a plea for that person to remember them and contact them. Common scenario example: “I saw you pumping gas at the Wawa on Easton Ave. You drove a blue honda civic. We both ordered whatever the sandwich of the week was for Hoagie Fest. When you asked for extra peppers, I swear we made eye contact. I know you were there with 4 kids and your husband was in the car, but I think you’re hot. Contact me and tell me how many gallons of gas I got so I know it’s you.”

Except many more grammatical errors and perversion.)

And so! Let us help spread the love (and hopefully not STD’s) by highlighting some of the weeks best posts:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

hello guy with leather jacket on monday (m4m) lehigh valley – this go to the guy on greenbook store on monday, after 3pm u where wearing leather jacket and blue jean..”

Apparently the man in question was clothed in only one pant leg.

I am 85% sure this is the truck she's talking about.

Stunning blue eyez (w4m) Allentown area – My stunning blue eyed big man… The green door was amazing, when I am with  you time stops. You always know when and where to find me… I have resorted to trying to contact you on here being how I have no other means. Please find me! I miss your purple truck as well, come rescue me in your big purple truck!

It’s funnier if you replace the word “truck” with “dinosaur”.

Doing Laundry in Bechtlesville (m4w) Route 100 – It started out quiet…you were at one corner of the laundry mat…I on the other. We started laundry bascially at the same time…I figured I would have a chance to strike up conversation while we folded~ But then you had a visitor join you. While I could be wrong…he did not appear to be a boyfriend…

I could be worng but I got the impression yo would have liked to have had the chance to talk…if so and you check to see if I wrote something here for you…well…send me a note so we cn chat soon!

– The first order of business is where the heck is Bechtlesville!? Is this a real place? And does it really have magical “laundry mats” where people swoon while separating colors and whites? ROAD TRIP.

Lowes in Bethlehem (m4w) Bethlehem – I was at the lowes in bethlehem on saturday. You greeted me when I walked in. I was wearing a brown lehigh sweater.my brother called you over because we needed some help.i didn’t know which carpet cleaner to get.Any way I really wanted to stop and talk to you but when I was walking out I got a little flustered and all i could do was say thanks for helping me.You were young ,around your early twenties. Very pretty(that’s why I was flustered). but just so I know its you which carpet cleaner did you recommend?

– I’m going to avoid making “carpet” jokes. Don’t go there, Jaime. He did use the term “flustered” after all, which gains 10 points for being adorable.



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