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Infinite Thank You’s to everyone who helped make HEART OF STEELcity the Best Neighborhood Blog as per the local Best of Blogs contest. (My other blog, Save the Kales! won Best Food Blog. Cheers!)

With so many inspiring people and projects popping up all over, I can hardly keep up and was recently discussing inviting some guest bloggers to help us all know about this ever-growing bounty of Awesome.

For example:

  • The new SteelStacks building is going to be home for really amazing local entertainment, music and non-music like independent film, comedy and wacky collaborations. (Horror film geeks, you are going to be pleased.)
  • A new video web series  that documents people and indie business all over town!
  • Art Battles (stay tuned)
  • Local people getting national television shows – these people are local, still live here, and the shows are being taped here (there at least TWO that I know of right now!)
  • DIY ethics and organizing are creating new forces to be reckoned with


If you’d like to be a contributing writer, or just want to send some info my way, do it early and often! Coming soon, I’ll post a link to all the blogs that won the BEST OF BLOGS contest. We’re all so excited, and we love you too.


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EDITOR EXPOSED: Dustin Schoof, Editor of EXPOSED Weekly Paper Talk about Writing, Music and What Makes the Valley Great

“There is something going on every single day, it’s awesome. I honestly feel that the Valley is experiencing a renaissance of sorts and I’m very glad to be witnessing it first-hand.” – Dustin Schoof

I recently learned that some “local” weekly papers are not local at all – rather, they are mass produced across the country after being written in another state, then filled in with one or two local stories and maybe a cover promoting a local band or event.

You’ll be happy to know that EXPOSED Weekly Paper, part of the Easton Express Times, is 100% local content, composed every week by a team of passionate writers. Dustin Schoof leads the pack as editor, and enforces a commitment to quality content with a focus on local people and events. How refreshing!

Here, Dustin talks about what it’s like to have the insiders advantage of writing about arts, entertainment and culture that can be found in the Valley every night of the week (you hear that, naysayers? EVERY NIGHT!).

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MODEL CITIZEN: The fashion-forward and multi-talented Jana Hoffman fills us in on her “Style”.

“I try to encourage people to focus on the present and the steps necessary to making the next move. Don’t compare yourself to someone else; it’s wasted energy. They have their own story. You need you figure out yours.” – Jana Hoffman

If you’ve patronized any business or attended any event in the month of April, you have already seen her face on the cover of the ever-present Lehigh Valley Style magazine. Just like the Madonna song, people all over the Valley wanted to know “Who’s that girl?” But chances are, you have been familiar with Jana Hoffman for quite some time. As an editor of Lehigh Valley Style, Jana has been an incredible source for keeping the Valley’s young people tuned in and turned on to fashion, events, products and businesses that us hip folk may have otherwise overlooked.

Jana is as kind as she is gorgeous, and being a talented writer and journalist cap off her list of best qualities. Here, she tells us about working at the Valley’s #1 glossy magazine, the behind-the-scenes in the life of a journalist, and what’s it’s like when you start seeing your own face everywhere.

Read on for the INTERVIEW.

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