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Folgers Coffee was taking submissions for a contest to choose their new jingle, and some LV folks made this AMAZING submission (even they don’t live here full-time). Carly Commando of Slingshot Dakota and Ryan O’Donnell who currently works in organizing political campaigns made this video that is sure to warm your heart and make you call your best friend.

I want to start a company that needs a commercial so I can hire them to write and produce it, since people would weep with joy and love upon seeing it. Stuff this wonderful has the ability to turn storm clouds into cotton candy and make New Jersey smell like fresh laundry. A huge round of applause to Carly and Ryan.


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EDITOR EXPOSED: Dustin Schoof, Editor of EXPOSED Weekly Paper Talk about Writing, Music and What Makes the Valley Great

“There is something going on every single day, it’s awesome. I honestly feel that the Valley is experiencing a renaissance of sorts and I’m very glad to be witnessing it first-hand.” – Dustin Schoof

I recently learned that some “local” weekly papers are not local at all – rather, they are mass produced across the country after being written in another state, then filled in with one or two local stories and maybe a cover promoting a local band or event.

You’ll be happy to know that EXPOSED Weekly Paper, part of the Easton Express Times, is 100% local content, composed every week by a team of passionate writers. Dustin Schoof leads the pack as editor, and enforces a commitment to quality content with a focus on local people and events. How refreshing!

Here, Dustin talks about what it’s like to have the insiders advantage of writing about arts, entertainment and culture that can be found in the Valley every night of the week (you hear that, naysayers? EVERY NIGHT!).

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THE BOOKSTORE AT THE BEACH: A Visit to The Atlantic Jazz Yard, New Bar by the owners of The Bookstore and Tap and Table

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about a completely unique and atmospheric bar on South Side Bethlehem. The Bookstore Speakeasy actually takes you out of the dim-lit side street it’s located on, does some crazy time-machine trick, and transports you back to the 1920’s.

While I hope to review The Bookstore in depth in the future, I was pleased to find out about another Bookstore-esque establishment that was set to open in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, mere weeks before my vacation there. Perfect timing.

The Atlantic Jazz Yard is a swanky addition to an arty beach town. Here’s a look at the place that made an out-of-towner feel at home.

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I’M GOING TO FREAK OUT! And it’s going to be so much fun! The first ever FREAK OUT Fringe Festival in Allentown is THIS Weekend

“I’ve been really inspired lately to see other young people bringing things to the valley. It’s almost like a changing of the guard or a generational shift is taking place and everyone’s getting comfortable with a new way of seeing and doing things.” – Sarah Fulton

The Lehigh Valley has a lot of festivals. A LOT. But never before have we been some to something quite like this. The ALLENTOWN FREAK OUT Fringe Fest is the first of it’s kind in our area (another nod to the way young people are getting out and changing the scene of the whole Valley!).

What makes this fest different is the key word “fringe”. FREAK OUT is a true art festival, bringing in acts and artists that don’t quite fit into the Art Festivals held on Main Street. Among the acts are fire performers, burlesque shows (one of them by “conjoined twins”), improv comedy, a lot of live music, special gallery exhibits, drum circles, and film screenings.

PHEW. Read on to see how two Allentown residents are about to turn the Valley’s arts culture on it’s head, and let their freak flags fly.

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HOW SWEET IT IS: DJ Sweetlife Puts the Needle on the Record

“There is just something about music that transcends race, sex, culture, ethnicity, language and who knows, maybe even humanity itself.” – DJ Sweetlife

When Eric Swanson used to think of DJs, he had a misconception that some people still believe – that DJs are “human ipods” without  giving music too much thought and without needing any kind of talent. But exposure to DJing proved to be  an art of supplying people with a way to embrace their feelings that move from one’s ear to their body had changed. This changed not only his concept of music and how it effects people, but his passion too.

Eric Swanson is DJ Sweetlife , the man with the power to not simply play music, but create an atmosphere that gives people the opportunity to get into themselves and have a great time. Music can instantly transform an environment, and Sweetlife has tapped into what makes people embrace the moment. Some people go to galleries to look at paintings – Sweetlife is almost a human gallery, exposing people to the art of music.

Read on to see how nice guys don’t finish last – they are just getting the party started.

  • (*DJ Sweetlife will be spinning TONIGHT at The Drink ‘N Draw on South Side Bethlehem. Details Below.)

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I Got a New Shirt Cause I Thought You Might Like Me In It.

Has it been a wacky week for everyone? I bet, you poor things. I think you deserve a chance to sing-loudly, hug a stranger, and perhaps even cry of joy and nostalgia.

What better way to do all of these than at the, ahem, WESTON SHOW THIS WEEKEND!

If you were a young adult growing up in Eastern PA in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, there’s a good chance that 65% of your favorite memories of that time involve WESTON as the soundtrack. These are some of mine:

– Calling up the Wilkes College radio station in Wilkes-Barre (where I’m from) to dedicate “two two” to a boy I’d been seeing around the mall and never spoke to.

– Playing “Heartbreak Sandwich” over and over driving from Wilkes-Barre to Allentown in the fall of 2001, when I left said boy (by then my boyfriend – Weston works in magical ways) to move into school.

– Getting in my very first terrible car accident (I wasn’t driving!) when a carful of brave souls battled through a horrific blizzard to try and make a show in Harrisburg or something. We missed the show, but if there’s any band to almost-die for, Weston’s it.


And aren’t we just the luckiest ducks? This Saturday they are combining their musical powers to re-live old memories and invent new ones.

INFO (as per the facebook event page):

June 5th (Saturday)
Secret Art Space Gallery
$10 donation

if you live in the valley and dont already know this band… well, you must not have lived here long. classic late-90’s/early 00’s pop punk still rattling about from time to time.

whoa! reuniting over 10 years after parting ways! most of the current generation of show-goers have probably never even heard of this band, but believe me you are missing out.

philly trio playing real good pop punk jams. seriously incredible, seriously stoked.

+1 tba

We are going to have so much fun singing and sweating on each other!



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WE CAN DO IT: Allentown Brew Works holds a Show TONIGHT! Let’s Make this a New Venue!

This is a call to all of you with ears and hearts:

TONIGHT, Allentown Brew Works is holding a show in their Silk Lounge (downstairs). Whoever thought of this is a genius (reveal yourself and I’ll applaud you!) because that space is REALLY fantastic for live music.

It’s a good, clean venue – lots of parking across the street, a huge and comfortable space to see shows, and FOOD and DRINKS (alcoholic and otherwise). Everyone wins!

PLEASE, please show your support for this by attending the show tonight! Bands include Sports for Kin (above) and Funeral Flowers.

Check back next week for an interview with Sports for Kin! In the meantime, though, go to their WEBSITE and make your ears happy until you see them live tonight.


  • Allentown Brew Works; Silk Lounge (downstairs, take the elevator)
  • 812 W. Hamilton St., Allentown
  • Starts at 8:00pm
  • Bands: Sports for Kin, Funeral Flowers
  • Drink Specials!

TIP: For free lot parking, drive just past the Brew Works (on Hamilton) and make a LEFT at 8th Street. Go about half a block and turn LEFT into a free public parking lot (free after 5pm).

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