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ALL THE SINGLE (FUNNY) LADIES: “I Like Someone With A Sense of Humor”

When an event’s online description boasts “Sexy And/Or Funny Ladies That Might Be Single And Willing”, you know it’s going to be good.

Last year, the Valley’s improv troupe The Associated Mess kicked off a new angle of comedy by incorporating sketches into their all improv shows. That sold-out event has paved the way for round two, happening this Sunday night.

The All the Single Ladies show will feature an all-female cast, full of improv comedy goodness the AssMess does best along with interjecting sketches including a visit from America’s most loved/hated Alaskan VP candidate and ¬†enacting actual worst date stories submitted ahead of time by audience members.

If you need a Valentine’s Date idea and don’t feel like feigning romance over a white tablelcoth, grab your date (or some friends, or heck, get there early and try to pick up a date!) and check this out.


  • Sunday, February 13th
  • Show Starts at 8:00pm ¬†(Doors at 7:30)
  • Tickets $8, or $5 with student ID
  • Civic’s Theatre 514
  • (Across the street from Civic Theatre of Allentown/main theater)
  • 514 N. 19th Street Allentown

Visit for more information and future shows!


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“YOU’RE A WALRUS EATING A HOAGIE”: The Unpredictable Quick Wit Of the Associated Mess Improv Comedy Troupe

Sometimes it’s like a modern-day game of Clue. (“Lady Gaga, In Your Creepy Neighbor’s Garage, with a Dolphin”.) Sometimes it’s like Japanese monster films with sexually awkward teenagers. It’s taught me about the history of the slinky, the diaper, and ketchup.

The Associated Mess is a roundup of the areas most clever actors and comedians that successfully perform improv comedy every week in various Valley locations. Imagine Who’s Line is it Anyway? sans Wayne Brady, instead featuring local bartenders or your kid’s substitute teacher.

(I had the opportunity recently to see the infamous Chicagoan Second City improv tour – all wonderfully talented people, though I am not exaggerating when I say on any given night, the Associated Mess is just as good.)

This weekend, The Mess is adding something new to their repitoire of shenanigans, by offering a sketch comedy show just in time for independence day: Amurica The Beautiful (to be said in full George Bush accent). This show will include modern (hilarious) interpretations of historical events and “what-if’s”.

Artistic Director Josh Neth and Managing Director Ryan Hill tell us about the tough job of being funny on cue.

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