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Folgers Coffee was taking submissions for a contest to choose their new jingle, and some LV folks made this AMAZING submission (even they don’t live here full-time). Carly Commando of Slingshot Dakota and Ryan O’Donnell who currently works in organizing political campaigns made this video that is sure to warm your heart and make you call your best friend.

I want to start a company that needs a commercial so I can hire them to write and produce it, since people would weep with joy and love upon seeing it. Stuff this wonderful has the ability to turn storm clouds into cotton candy and make New Jersey smell like fresh laundry. A huge round of applause to Carly and Ryan.


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Last week I was going from a meeting at the Comfort Suites to do some work at Deja Brew and was passing through the parking lot when I spied this very crafty note attached to this very illegally parked car.

What a nice guy.

I appreciate Derek’s foresight, the care and concern it took to scrawl this note and, more importantly, the fact that the Bethlehem Parking Authority did not (yet) give him a ticket. I think I speak for all of us when I say, we hope you and your car made it safely to a spot within that junkyard among the rubble and debris of cars before you, Derek. Godspeed.

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YOU’D BE WISE TO DRINK HERE: The “Best Coffee in Town” at the Charming and Friendly Wise Bean cafe

If you like coffee – no, more specifically – if you like good coffee, you must get yourself over to the Wise Bean in North Bethlehem. It’s tucked a little off Broad Street, still in a convenient location but one that makes you feel like you found a place that only those “in the know” are aware of. It’s small but beautiful, with bright colors, rock posters, local art and a gorgeous chandelier welcoming you.

And the coffee – they do it well. Very well. Read on to learn about the friendly baristas (that quickly learn your name), the atmosphere like no other in town, and why their coffee roaster is top secret (really!). Samantha Young, co-owner, knows everyone in Bethlehem and her vibrant personality and respect for customers and friends is no doubt part of Wise Bean’s success.

Read the interview with Sam Young below the cut.

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