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LOOKS TASTY: “Good Taste” is a Freshly Prepared Culinary Resource

If pizza and chinese takeout aren’t doing it for you, hope is not lost. The Valley boasts hundreds of unique and delicious eating establishments. “Hmmm:”, you think to yourself, “If only there a was beautiful, user-friendly website full of local restaurant information and maybe a few recipes I can make if it’s raining ice and sludge from the sky (again)…”

Welcome: Good Taste.

Good Taste is a BRAND NEW website features 25 eateries with full descriptions of ambience, signature dishes, a few of the chef’s favorite recipes and contact information.

Did you ever hear about the Spinnersville Hotel Restaurant? (Did you ever hear of Spinnersville?) If you like a good selection of craft brews – say, well over 300 of them – you will be thrilled to know about this place. Interested in farm-to-table fare with an indian spiced bloody mary? YES. With as much enthusiasm as I can muster, YES. You can get both at the Farmhouse in Emmaus.

Take a few minutes to read about the places and people who love them with this welcome new addition to local online reference. If it involves food, I’m pretty sure we’re all board.

Go HERE to learn more about this new site and it’s featured restaurants. And when you’re done, want to grab lunch?


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THE BOOKSTORE AT THE BEACH: A Visit to The Atlantic Jazz Yard, New Bar by the owners of The Bookstore and Tap and Table

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about a completely unique and atmospheric bar on South Side Bethlehem. The Bookstore Speakeasy actually takes you out of the dim-lit side street it’s located on, does some crazy time-machine trick, and transports you back to the 1920’s.

While I hope to review The Bookstore in depth in the future, I was pleased to find out about another Bookstore-esque establishment that was set to open in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, mere weeks before my vacation there. Perfect timing.

The Atlantic Jazz Yard is a swanky addition to an arty beach town. Here’s a look at the place that made an out-of-towner feel at home.

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