STEELSTACKS: I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Good

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting an exclusive tour of the new ArtsQuest SteelStacks building at it’s current phase of construction.

I knew it would be good, but quite simply, it’s mind-blowing. It looks like DWELL Magazine exploded all over the Southside in an ideal location with the best views.

Some really interesting things to note:

  • Everything is customizable. Very little in the way of furniture and stages are actually built-in, which means there is flexibility to make a stage bigger and a crowd smaller, vice versa, you can sit and watch a jazz show or pack a standing room for a rock concert.
  • The view of the Steelmills is incredible. You are right there. One ENITRE side of the bulding’s facade is made of glass windows facing the mills.
  • The window-wall on the ground floor is made of accordion windows, so they can be completely opened and essentially “removed” in warmer weather to make a seamless indoor/outdoor space for eating, drinking (an outdoor bar, too!) and watching performances.

I could keep going, but the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.

About to enter the building. This will soon be a courtyard area.

The view upon walking in. Hits you pretty hard. It's awesome.

First floor will hold a cafe, bar, box office and media lounge.

Third floor. Industrial lighting over what will eventually be one of the bars.

Third floor. Biggest concert space.

Imagine seeing your favorite band here. Just IMAGINE IT.

Balcony seating area.

Stairs to dressing rooms and balcony.

Who wants to move in?

I want to play lazer tag.

Picture this. A glass of wine, live jazz, the sun setting.

Prettiest staircase I ever did see.

Second floor. Ahead is the Blast Furnace room, a small version of the upstairs perfect for comedy shows and more intimate events.

One of the two theaters to host independent cinema.

Thank you infinitely to Patrick for handing me a hard hat and giving the tour. It was impossible not to leave and be so excited about what our little town of Bethlehem has in store. This building is almost as beautiful as the spirit of the people here.

I’m proud to be home.



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6 responses to “STEELSTACKS: I Have Seen the Future, and It Is Good

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  2. marylou

    WOW…Very impressive!!

  3. sarah

    So incredible! I can’t wait to move back home!

  4. this looks amazing! another reason to move back i suppose..

  5. Awesome! Can’t wait for it all to come together. 🙂

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