WE BUILT THIS CITY (And The New Nationally Recognized Skateplaza!)

You don’t even NEED me to tell you this.  The billboards are all over the valley. The internet is full of information. Everyone is talking about it. But in case you’d have the flu, not left your house, or avoided all human contact for the past few weeks…


The very same idea that was impressively in the Top 10 running for the National Pepsi Refresh $250,000 Grant Prize, is the very same project that is opening it’s hypothetical doors this weekend, to the 750ft long skatepark and thousands of visitors.

If you have ever made a vote on this project, attended meetings, shown up at the lot to let city officials see and meet the people that are in favor of it, told people about how great it would be, etc… Take a moment and feel proud. Go on. Because without YOU (literally, YOU and your voice and your votes) this project may have taken a lot longer to come to fruition.

I don’t doubt that this project would have eventually been built. The people at the forefront have taken an idea and worked, pushed, and followed through until it actually happened.

Andy Po, owner of Homebase Skateshop and Skateplaza pioneer, knows how to get things done.  In an interview with HEART OF STEELcity (I was so excited to have him be the first interview for this blog!), he states, “It took about 8+ years of talking and having the ‘Wouldn’t it be nice. . .’ conversation, but now that the cement is being poured on the skateplaza site it’s beginning to feel like ‘We can really make this happen’.

And make it happen you did.

Even if you’re not a skater, take notice when you drive past the new Skateplaza site – this wonderful monument to fun, pushing forward, and never giving up on your dreams or this Valley.



The Lehigh Valley is full of wonderful, creative people and every day more and more projects are started up – get involved. Start something. YOU are what is going to continue to make this place a vibrant community.

Congratulations to Andy, all the skaters, supporters, and the Lehigh Valley!

(Read more and stay current at Homebase610.com)

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One response to “WE BUILT THIS CITY (And The New Nationally Recognized Skateplaza!)

  1. Jodi

    I’m glad the kids (and the kids at heart) FINALLY have a quality place to go. The place looks great!

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