THE BOOKSTORE AT THE BEACH: A Visit to The Atlantic Jazz Yard, New Bar by the owners of The Bookstore and Tap and Table

Over the past year, there has been a lot of buzz about a completely unique and atmospheric bar on South Side Bethlehem. The Bookstore Speakeasy actually takes you out of the dim-lit side street it’s located on, does some crazy time-machine trick, and transports you back to the 1920’s.

While I hope to review The Bookstore in depth in the future, I was pleased to find out about another Bookstore-esque establishment that was set to open in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, mere weeks before my vacation there. Perfect timing.

The Atlantic Jazz Yard is a swanky addition to an arty beach town. Here’s a look at the place that made an out-of-towner feel at home.

One step inside the Atlantic Jazz Yard and you’ll recognize the sophisticate-cool  atmosphere that Tap and Table and The Bookstore are known for. The whole place is actually made up of two buildings sandwiching a  huge “yard”/patio space with tables and jazz performers.

It’s a striking and beautiful blend of midcentury modern boxy sleek buildings with the expected antiques, including a huge gorgeously upholstered fainting couch, intimately tucked niches and bold sensual colors.

The actual bar is located in the rear building, lined with glass french doors that open to the patio. It’s familiar old-timey aesthetics and smartly dressed bartenders will look familiar to Bookstore patrons. (And if you’re lucky, you’ll see some familiar faces as the local owners are on rotation working at the Jazz Yard.)

The live music is top-notch jazz, as the owners strive (and succeed) to bring in only the most talented musicians with sounds that remind you of old jazz records humming on a turntable.

Drinks and food will look familiar, with the hand-carved ice cubes filling cocktail glasses and early century inspired appetizers with some new additions that cater to a beach town.  The menus will continue to be developed, sure to bring some fun snacks to pair with the pickled watermelon rind and chickpea popcorn.

It’s rare to see something like this at the beach – a gorgeous blend of class and style that doesn’t require stuffy wardrobe or pretentious dinner guests. It’s the opposite of a casual boardwalk food stand but reaches the same folks looking to have a memorable and fun time.

If you’re vacationing in Delaware of Maryland this summer, be sure to visit and support this brand new establishment. And if you’re not vacationing, perhaps The Atlantic Jazz Yard would be a good reason to plan one.


  • 37 Wilmington Ave.
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  • Phone: 302-227-6869
  • Open SEVEN days a week!
  • 5pm – 1am


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2 responses to “THE BOOKSTORE AT THE BEACH: A Visit to The Atlantic Jazz Yard, New Bar by the owners of The Bookstore and Tap and Table

  1. My best friend who lives in Rehoboth has recently visited me in Bethlehem. The highlight of her visit was The Bookstore. Our bartender told us about the Atlantic Jazz yard. How perfect for her–and for me since I will be visiting her soon!

    • It’s really beautiful, and cool for that area – so many of the “nicer” places there are primarily seafood places that are crazy expensive, even the appetizers. On the other hand, other places are touristy ice cream and pizza stands. This is a nice medium – meal prices are comparable to the LV locations, but so are the very affordable appetizers. Let us know what you think!

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