I Got a New Shirt Cause I Thought You Might Like Me In It.

Has it been a wacky week for everyone? I bet, you poor things. I think you deserve a chance to sing-loudly, hug a stranger, and perhaps even cry of joy and nostalgia.

What better way to do all of these than at the, ahem, WESTON SHOW THIS WEEKEND!

If you were a young adult growing up in Eastern PA in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, there’s a good chance that 65% of your favorite memories of that time involve WESTON as the soundtrack. These are some of mine:

– Calling up the Wilkes College radio station in Wilkes-Barre (where I’m from) to dedicate “two two” to a boy I’d been seeing around the mall and never spoke to.

– Playing “Heartbreak Sandwich” over and over driving from Wilkes-Barre to Allentown in the fall of 2001, when I left said boy (by then my boyfriend – Weston works in magical ways) to move into school.

– Getting in my very first terrible car accident (I wasn’t driving!) when a carful of brave souls battled through a horrific blizzard to try and make a show in Harrisburg or something. We missed the show, but if there’s any band to almost-die for, Weston’s it.


And aren’t we just the luckiest ducks? This Saturday they are combining their musical powers to re-live old memories and invent new ones.

INFO (as per the facebook event page):

June 5th (Saturday)
Secret Art Space Gallery
$10 donation

if you live in the valley and dont already know this band… well, you must not have lived here long. classic late-90’s/early 00’s pop punk still rattling about from time to time.

whoa! reuniting over 10 years after parting ways! most of the current generation of show-goers have probably never even heard of this band, but believe me you are missing out.

philly trio playing real good pop punk jams. seriously incredible, seriously stoked.

+1 tba

We are going to have so much fun singing and sweating on each other!




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3 responses to “I Got a New Shirt Cause I Thought You Might Like Me In It.

  1. Sigh. I had “A Real Life Story of Teenage Rebellion” on vinyl. We saw Weston play at a ton of VFW-type venues. I tricked my friend Ryan into driving us once since I didn’t have a license yet… I told him there would be lots of cute girls at the show. My friends were in bands that opened for them so naturally we made T-shirts, even though they always changed their name or broke up a week later. We sang at the top of our lungs to “Mr. Lazo,” which we thought was awesome because he was a physics teacher at my high school (theirs, too).

  2. OMG i can’t believe i’m missing this!!! Weston was my very first punk band. When I was in 13, I started taking drum lessons at the California Drum Shop. Deep in the thick of puberty, my musical tastes were just atrocious and it clearly seemed to my teacher that I was in need of inspiration. He asked if I listened to punk, and I was all “Like Nirvana?” and he’s like “That’s not punk, that’s shit. Check this out” and then he popped in Got Beat Up, wrote out all the drum parts and told me to learn them at home. They quickly became my favorite band and my friend Jared and I would tag along with his older brother to all their LV shows. These experiences were critical to my early development, and are directly responsible for all of the interests I developed through high school and college, including politics. Fun fact: last year I totally went on a double date with Dave Weston, who was dating one of my gf’s friends. We did karaoke, and it was totally bizarre to hear Dave’s singing voice in that context. Have fun at the show!

  3. im really jealous, i wish i could go to this…i listened to them a lot in high school!

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