MIX WELL WITH OTHERS: Civic Theatre of Allentown hosts “Young Professionals” Networking Event

If you feel you fit the title “Young Professional” (for me, it means I’m finally getting old enough to take myself seriously… not TOO seriously, of course) you may be interested in this great networking event tomorrow, Thursday May 12th at Civic Theatre of Alletown’s Theater 514.

Adrian Shanker, human rights activist on so many levels and Community Relations Coordinator of Civic helps explain what all the fuss is about:

What exactly is the Young Professionals Mixer?

The purpose of the event is to engage Young Professionals from throughout the Valley with Civic Theatre’s programming. It is part of an overall effort to retain young professionals to living the Lehigh Valley. We felt that RENT was an appropriate show to do this with, given its popularity with our generation.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Civic is currently running their (heartbreaking, awe-inspiring) production of RENT right now! If you come to the mixer, you can stay for the show at a discounted price, for tomorrow night only!

There will be food as well – the food has been graciously donated by Buca diBeppo, Applebee’s, Salvatore Ruffino’s, and Save the Kales!
How did Civic become involved with this event?

The idea came to fruition because I am on the steering committee for the Young Professionals Council at the Chamber, a new council of the Chamber focused on Young Professionals.
Is this a structured, formal event?

The event starts at 5:30 and goes until 7:30. It is a mixer, so it is inherently informal – however, in order to win the business card raffle — you need to stay to the end!  And while the mixer itself is free, YPs attending can see RENT that night for a discounted $22 per ticket price! (usually $29)

How often do these mixers take place?

The Young Professionals Council is hoping to have one event per month.  For more information on the Young Professionals Council, contact Lanita Lum at the Chamber of Commerce. The Valley YPs have events as well. Civic has hosted a few events annually for networking purposes.

IF YOU WANT TO GO (and why wouldn’t you? free food and socializing!):

  • Held in Civic’s Theater 514 (across the street from the main theater)
  • 5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • FREE
  • Get discounted tickets to RENT for that night!

To stay updated on other shows and events at Civic Theatre, follow them on FACEBOOK: I Like Civic!

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    Sounds like a great nite!

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