MY HEART IS SOARING: An interview with two musicians from Soars

I feel like this sound is Pennsylvania and we would have created something else had we all not been lifers here. This sound is home.” – David Kresge

If you’re looking for a new soundtrack to all of your dreamy summer nights of porch-sitting and daydreaming, you may find it in Soars. David Kresge and Anthony Parrett have always lived in the Lehigh Valley (“it’s in our blood”), and they credit that fact to the sort of music they make. The sound of Soars can be described many ways: here, two of it’s members tell us about it.

Click HERE to HEAR Soars.

Read the INTERVIEW with David and Anthony:

How would you describe your sound? Please use as many adjectives as you’d like, both real and made-up.

D: To me it replicates all the love, hate, loss, heartache, struggle, exasperation, beauty, warmth, and love that you feel living in this post industrial valley that’s trying to reinvent itself. I feel like this sound is Pennsylvania and we would have created something else had we all not been lifers here. This sound is home.

A: Organic, experimental, depressed pop.

How did you start the band? Was it intentional or did it happen sort of organically from just playing music together?

D: Chris and Anthony were playing in the band Memes, and I was( and still am) doing Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air. I had enormous respect for what they did, really pushing boundaries with sound and theme. We became close through music. They like what I do and when that band ended, I sent chris a message, and he was contacting me at the same time to ask me to play.

A: Chris and myself were in another project for a few years. Chris dissolved that band and in two days Soars was formed. Nothing was forced, which is a likely improbability when trying to form bands. We consider ourselves extremely lucky.

D: It was very organic. Interesting though, we all had different approaches to music but we all thought in some way we were going to take the music is a very harsh and dark direction given our backgrounds. But when we all started playing, we just naturally started creating these beautiful dreamy songs. There was no fighting it. And we didn’t really know where it was coming from initially.

What have people said about your sound? What bands or musicians inspire you?

D:  We’ve only played these songs in closed practices or let people hear the finished recordings very sparingly. The objective is to not rush anything as opposed to being deliberately secretive. I think we’re creating something that may be hard to classify, yet I’ll be excited to see what conclusions people draw. We are a shark that will keep swimming.

A: Friends of ours whom make art every day inspire us most.

D: Personally, Lehigh Valley underground musicians and their motives deeply inspire me. Also punk rock, riot grrrl, ambient, experimental, drone, and noise music from all different backgrounds. And a good deal of what inspires me comes from non-musical sources.

Have you played many shows?

D: No shows yet, but we’ve played some fun sadomasochistic motivational games during breaks at practice that will not be discussed here.

Your songs have soft, whispery vocals and airy background sounds. How many instruments are played?

D: The parts to create the whole are vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drum machine. Some textures I create might be done with treated guitar, ebow, a screwdriver, feedback, electronics, a nintendo ds, there is a lot to draw from. I try to deconstruct my guitar playing as much as possible so that it’s difficult to tell where the noises are coming from. We all more or less stick to that aesthetic to keep people guessing but more importantly, keep the unified sound pure. The sounds you make serve the song, not you as a player.

A: Two guitars, one bass, one keyboard and Chris’ diaphragm.

(David Kresge, Doug Durrenberger, Chris Giordani, Anthony Perrett = SOARS)

When can we buy your album and see you play?

D: The amazing people at La Société Expéditionnaire are putting out our debut LP. It will be available on vinyl and cd, direct from them as well as distributed by Chicago Independent, available in record stores and on iTunes.

A: Our album is expected to be available mid-to-late summer. It will be available through us while on tour or through our label and distributors at the time of its release, both of which we are more than thrilled to be working with.

Record Label Website: La Société Expéditionnaire

U.S. Distro: Chicago Independent

UK Distro: Cargo Records

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