(he)ARTS AND CRAFTS: Underwired Boutique hosts Bi-Weekly Craft Night

Underwired Vintage Boutique on South Side Bethlehem will be holding craft nights twice a month in her shop! Local folks with crafty talents will demonstrate their skills one time a month, and alternate craft nights will be held to bring people together to enjoy each others company and work on their respective projects.  Friendly gossip likely.

This Wednesday, April 21 marks the first demonstration event to be hosted by Danielle Schmidt, the girl behind Boxes by Kansas. This couldn’t come at a better time because my ever-growing earring collection needs to be contained.

Read the INTERVIEW with Danielle, and get full  FREE event details! Then sign yourself up!

Would you say you’re a pretty crafty lady?

I’d like to think I am pretty good with my hands! I can frequently be found folding paper, drawing, cutting or fiddling with something. I can make a secure CD case out of a piece of paper!

Where did you learn to make boxes? Did you come up with the idea or were you taught?

When I was in sixth grade, a classmate did a how-to presentation on how to make a box. After many years of using my homework for boxes while bored in class, I got pretty creative with the extra pieces that would end up laying around. I learned to use the scraps and make decorations, bows and interweaving.

What exactly ARE the boxes? Are you making a box from scratch, decorating a pre-existing box, etc…

I make the boxes from scratch using scrap-booking paper. That paper has the best combination for durability, design and price. (Thank goodness scrap-booking got so popular-there are increasingly more styles and designs to chose from.) Each regular box has a top and a bottom.

What do you use them for (you personally, or any clever ideas other people have come up with)?

I personally use my boxes for all the knickknacks around my house. I have one for batteries, tea bags, candy, medicine, my contact case, polaroids, cotton swabs, buttons, etc. But they are always great to give as gifts – as long as you have something to put in it, like jewelry from Underwired!

What can people expect if they come to the class, aside from FUN obviously?

Guests attending my box seminar can expect to learn how to make a functional craft! No, we won’t be making cranes. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing someones face light up after they have figured out the steps and realize that they can do it. People that attend will get to express themselves and let go and have fun. It might even open new creative doors for some, and give them a creative outlet they never knew existed.

(Danielle, box-making extraordinaire and Lisa, owner of Underwired Boutique)

Please become a fan of Underwired Boutique on FACEBOOK to learn about upcoming events: Underwired


  • !!! FREE !!!
  • Wednesday April 21
  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • In Underwired Boutique, 337 Vine St. Bethlehem PA (Essentially across the street from Deja Brew Coffee)
  • Please bring a few supplies: scissors, tape and colorful and/or printed paper
  • Contact UNDERWIRED if you’d like to attend! Send a facebook MESSAGE here.


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2 responses to “(he)ARTS AND CRAFTS: Underwired Boutique hosts Bi-Weekly Craft Night

  1. oh man, i wanna come!

  2. Mary Lou

    How clever!!

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