IN INK: Alex’s Tattoo

Artist: Little Chico

Shop: He was at Steel City, Bethlehem when he did this custom piece for me.  He’s currently at Black Cobra Tattoo in Maryland, but does come back up north for special appointments.

Significance to you: Green Tara is the only female bodhisattva, and she represents mercy and compassion, as well as relief from bad karma. This tattoo is a permanent reminder to myself to keep practicing principles, to keep opening my heart, and to try to help others along the way.  And of course, on a purely artistic level, little chico’s tattoos are incredible, and I’m grateful to have his work on me.

For some outstanding photographs of Alex and her tattoo, please attend the “Birthday Suit” Art show, for photographs taken by photographer Kate Hughes. THIS SATURDAY, April 17, 1-5pm at 614 Washingston St. in Allentown.

For more info about Green Tara –

For more info about Little Chico –

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