Drink N Draw: The Beedle ‘N The Wrenn

“We truly believe that the truth is stranger than fiction!” – Jenn Wrenn

If you have yet to hear of this fantastic art-collaberation idea, then allow me to get you two aquainted. The Beedle ‘N The Wrenn was founded by two girls, Jenn Wrenn-Meleck and Samantha Beedle. “The name is a combination of our names and our spirit animals…a Beedle and a Wrenn bird. (Ha.)”

The mission of the Beedle and the Wrenn is to unite the arts community by holding events like the drink and draw. And there’s another event TOMORROW, Thursday April 15th, so clear your calendars so we can all go and dance and sketch together!

Click below for INTERVIEW, photos, and event details:

How did the idea for The Beedle ‘N The Wrenn come around? What do you aim to do?

We want to create a platform for all artists in the Lehigh Valley. Essentially our medium is Theater and we want to perform pieces that we create as well as pieces that are new to the Lehigh Valley. The Beedle and the Wrenn is a company that reflects our personalities and we want to create events and performances that are fun, interactive and thought provoking.

The Beedle and the Wrenn has been is the process of creation from the moment that we (Samantha and Jennifer) met. Throughout our friendship we have been creating characters, writing, and developing stories. We recently realized that we want to develop and share these creations with other people. We decided to develop the Beedle and the Wrenn in the Lehigh Valley because we want to invest in the community that shaped us as artists.

(Samantha Beedle and Jenn Wreen-Meleck, creators of The Beedle ‘N The Wrenn)

Why did you choose the Lehigh Valley as the place to launch your idea?

We both grew up in the Lehigh Valley and met at Pennsylvania Youth Theater when we were 16. Samantha Went to MontClair state and lived in New Jersey until this winter. Jennifer went to Temple University and lived in Philadelphia until this winter. Philadelphia and New Jersey both have flourishing arts communities but we wanted to come together and form the Beedle and the Wrenn to give back to the arts community that built the foundation of our creativity and gave us our arts education.

The Drink ‘N Draw already sounds great, combining two things most people would agree are a lot of fun. What exactly happens at one of these events?

The Drink and Draw is an interactive event that combines life drawing, hanging out and music. The Hard Bean Cafe is a great venue because there is an upstairs and a downstairs. Downstairs there will be a band performing called Juicebox a bluegrass band and then a DJ spinning some dance jams. Upstairs there will be three life drawing models and space to draw and chill out.

The cover is 10 dollars and pays for the entertainment and the models. The Beedle and The Wrenn will be providing Beer and Sangria. You do not need to be 21 to attend the drink and draw but we will check id’s to receive a bracelet for booze. We encourage anyone to come even if you cant draw! There will be music to jam too, cool people to hang out with and hot models to look at!

This is your second event. What was the response after the first one?

The response to the first drink and draw was amazing. We were really surprised and happy that so many people came out and were genuinely excited to be there. It was exciting because there were so many different types of people there and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Do you have future events in the works?

We plan to hold the drink and draw every month at the hard bean and we are always looking for new bands and DJ’s to perform. In May we plan to perform a play that is a sketch comedy featuring two actress’s that play 27 characters. We are also working on story telling events because we truly believe that truth is stranger than fiction! We have about 800 other projects planned but we will try not to give too much away!

The Beedle ‘N The Wrenn aim to meet and collaborate with artists all over the Lehigh Valley.  Information for the next Drink ‘N Draw: Thursday, April 15th. 7-11pm. $10 cover. 21 to drink, beer and sangria provided. Bring your own art supplies, models will be there. Music by DJ Juice Box. Event held at the Hard Bean Cafe, 201 E. Third Street, Bethlehem PA (South Side).

Join their FACEBOOK page to get updates on future events: www.facebook.com/thebeedleandthewrenn


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2 responses to “Drink N Draw: The Beedle ‘N The Wrenn

  1. Jodi Kale

    Very neat. Reminds me of Paint Some Pottery, but with music and alcohol… and more creative opportunities.

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