NEXT STOP: Modern Take on Vintage Bus Rolls

I love text when it’s used in visual art, and actually yelped aloud when I found today’s artist. Stephanie began Geezees Custom Canvas in 2009, and works with clients to design custom printed canvas art.

Among all of her work, what really got my attention where the “Bus Rolls”, personalized pieces mimicking the vintage bus rolls which were printed with the names of towns or destinations a bus would stop. Stephanie puts a sentimenal twist on already beautiful art.

Read the INTERVIEW and see more photos:

Where did you come from, and what brought you to the Lehigh Valley?

I am originally from central New Jersey. Me and my hubby decided we wanted a bit of a more laid back lifestyle, and nearly three years ago we moved to College Hill, PA. Fell in love with the old homes, and architecture. I love the ability to drive five miles in either direction and end up on a farm or in a funky downtown restaurant. Love the river, the trails, the deer in the backyard (yes, I said it – I am one of the few that doesn’t mind if they eat our shrubs, they are beautiful to watch).

Can you tell me how the idea for the Bus Rolls came about? I really LOVE them.  Such a great, great idea!  I almost want to get married right now just to get one!

Last year , I saw a blog post about the vintage Bus Rolls selling on ebay for over $700, people were trying to find other ways to afford them. And since I was creating canvas art, why not see if people would be interested in buying a replica of the Bus Rolls? Especially if they are customized and cheaper than vintage ones. So, I created one, listed it, and they started selling!

Can you explain a little about what people have used them for – weddings of course, anything else?

Yes, weddings and new homes are popular. Vacation Destinations are always fun. Even metro Style Bus Rolls that give new baby birth stats. The most sentimental one was for a client that created a Bus Roll to pay tribute to  her late husband and the houses he built or renovated. It was very touching.

(EDITORS NOTE: You can find a link to the very personal story about this particular bus roll after the interview.)

Will you briefly describe the process of making them?

I design bus rolls and custom canvas art with my clients, working closely them.   I love the relationships I have with my customers. Word of mouth has really grown my business, and it is key for Geezees.  I have a Epson canvas printer and canvases are printed on Epson matte canvas paper with archival ink, wrapped on solid wood – very sturdy !

Stephanie has created bus rolls for all kinds of personal events, including: family, new baby, kids, engagements, weddings, collages, vacations, memorials/tributes, adoptions, best friends anniversaries… to name a few. Please contact her if you have any ideas, and she’ll be proud to work with you. Bus Rolls come in various sizes and are priced accordingly, and you can view her other canvas work, too!

Find Stephanie’s ETSY SHOP here:

To read the story of the woman who had a bus roll designed in memory of her husband, click here:



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3 responses to “NEXT STOP: Modern Take on Vintage Bus Rolls

  1. Thanks Jaime so much for the great post about Geezees!

  2. Jodi Kale

    What a unique way to celebrate the best parts of a relationship and make it art. Much more creative than personalized picture frames.

  3. LOVE it – Stephanie at Geezees always creates such cool pieces! Anyhow, also love your blog…looking forward to reading more. Cheers!


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